Blame it on the “system”.

I graduated recently in a subject that I am good at but not really interested in. So, I finally thought of taking control of my life and decide, once and for all, what to do with it. After much soul searching and many discussions with my friends and family, I landed on a decision to pursue Copywriting. Having made “the decision”, I embarked on the next obvious step. I spoke to people who knew about this field.

I was told, since Copywriting is an Art, I wouldn’t have to have academic training in it which means, no studies (yay!). I was advised to get an internship, like all other aspiring copywriters do. Internship is basically where you work for some company without them paying you any money or respect. Since it’s gives us first-hand experience on what exactly goes behind-the-scenes, it is the best way to learn.

Having thoroughly done my research, I started to hunt. Since everything in life is easier said than done, I was in for a big surprise when I traipsed into the Big (B)ad World. After spending 2 months sending my resume` to people and having made countless phone calls, here I am, nursing my deflated ego and ranting on my blog about “the unfair system”.

Apparently, these people don’t want “free labour”. The worst part about this whole thing is that they don’t even know how to turn you down. The most famous and the standard dialogue is “we’ll let you know” which roughly translated means “Yeah, right. In your dreams” and the second best, “there are no vacancies currently”. Vacancy for interns??. Things would be easier for us if they just tell us “NO”, then we wouldn’t hang on to that filmsy rope of hope.

Desperate situations call for desperate measures. I am all set to gate-crash now! TAKE THAT!!!


3 Responses to Blame it on the “system”.

  1. Irah says:

    I understand what you are going through right now. It feels yucky when you have the talent and there’s no one in the big bad world who wants to tap them.
    I am hanging on to the flimsy rope of hope (I liked that!)that I got yesterday. Hope you get yours soon.
    Your idea of gate-crashing reeks of spirit! Keep it up, dear devil’s workshop dweller.

  2. Neeru says:

    Aww, ALL THE BEST!
    You go, gal! You’ll become a STAR in the Big (B)ad world soon, believe me! 🙂

  3. meena iyer says:

    Welcome to the world of unemployed..

    this isnt juss ad world.. but everywhre…

    juss hang in there… u shall make it 🙂

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