Lock, stock and barrel.

I love old school phrases and expressions. I love to the see the look of bewilderment on people’s faces when I use these rare phrases. It is the only way I can make myself feel superior to people I despise. When I say people I despise, I specifically mean those airhead, oh-I-am-so-cool, snobby, snooty girls who give disgusting look to those who dare to wear things that these fashion aficionados don’t like! I have come across more than my share of people like these. These girls think, I mean THINK that they are oh-so-cool because they wear halter-tops over corduroy jeans and have perfectly tanned arms. They will only converse or talk in English when they are in public and when they are in full knowledge of the fact that others are gaping at their ‘rare art’ of speaking English so eloquently. BAH!

The first class of the local is full of these specimens. Most of them get on board from Dadar. These are “uber-cool working” girls who will not, under any circumstances let any word in Hindi or their mother tongue escape their tongues. These people really live in their own little word. So much so that I have come across such lowly people that they would so much as ask people to show them their “first class” pass when they don’t look as good as them or they don’t dress as well as most of the people there. Such revolting behaviour that it makes me want to strangle them then and there. These people seem to find new depths to descend to every time you think they have hit rock bottom.

The word ‘Materialistic’ has been given a new meaning here. A friend once remarked to me “How could we have beetle juice stains in First Class?”. Can people who eat paan not have money? Or People who do have money don’t eat paan? Paan for thought, eh?


2 Responses to Lock, stock and barrel.

  1. Irah says:

    Benarasi paan for thought indeed!

  2. Meena says:

    Damn these losers!

    yeah i totally agree to you!


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