Helpless Spectator

Life is unfair, but not for everyone. When some are doomed to be the helpless victims of the vicious games of life, others are forced to play a cruel role of a helpless spectator. What would you do when you find yourself in the shoes of a helpless spectator? When you have to stand aside and see the innocent and honest being made into a scapegoat during the fights of power-hungry vengeance-driven biggies.

A fierce torture to see somebody’s life tumbling down on him, a life built with dedication and passion over countless years crumbling down to million little pieces and you can do nothing but watch and maybe offer a few words of sympathy that sound hollow to even you the moment they escape your lips. These are times when even a simple act of smiling seems like a crime and makes you feel guilty. How do you react when faced with this? What to do? Do you run away or do you play indifferent?

Life is tough. No matter which side of the river you find yourself after a storm, life feels like an ordeal. This is the time when I envy selfish people.


2 Responses to Helpless Spectator

  1. Shruthi says:

    Very true. Life sure is unfair:( Even when we envy the selfish, try hard as we may, we can’t be like them.

  2. meena says:

    I dun know if i envy them.. i wud rather feel the pain n feel human then b a humanoid

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