A good samaritan.

I am a FRIENDS fanatic, and if you are too the following line would definitely ring a bell. There are no selfless good deeds.

I am not the kind of person who helps less fortunate souls very often. Poor people invoke sadness in me, but not enough to induce some charitable or helping gesture from me. I refuse to feel pity for them. I tend to treat them as people with extra-ordinary courage for no particular reason. But every so often, the kind Tamanna in me surfaces and I end up making tiny helpful gestures for the kiddo urchins that travel local trains selling everything under the sun.

It’s 8:47 Kasara local (which has been assigned ‘N’ as its initial for some vague incomprehensive reason). Famous for its notorious crowd, I tend to avoid this local but as the fate would have it, I am to board it from Dadar, which is infamous for its notorious crowd. I am in a particular good mood for some reason.
Standing on the platform I anxiously look on both the sides of the tracks for the train (yes, I don’t know where the train will come from). After a VERY long minute I see the looming train advancing towards the station like a shark about to devour its prey. With a screeching sound it comes to a halt and to my pleasant surprise there is room to stand in the compartment! Yay! I double-check the indicator to make sure that this is THE train. You see this is too good to be true. Anyways, so I hop in beaming at the strangers who look at me like I have broken out of the mental hospital in Agra. I shrug and prepare myself for pleasant ride back home standing without anyone thrusting his or her body parts at me.
After a few stations, I realize IT IS too good to be true. 2 minutes into the journey my legs have started aching. I feel like sitting and since no lady in train would be kind enough to offer me one, I decide to sit and enjoy the ride sitting on the floor. Next station. Two kiddo urchins, as I would later find out, a sister and her young brother, climb in lugging around things to sell to uninterested people in the First Class. The girl however manages to interest some ladies in her merchandise after a while. The boy, selling glittered stickers, realizing that this is not his target audience gives up and comes and sits next to me on the floor.

The dialogue that takes place is as follows.
The boy is sorting out his stickers and has separated a few ones from the rest.
Me: Yeh kyoon alag kiya hai?
Boy: Yeh sab accha walla hai.
Me: Kahaan se late ho ye?
Boy: Masjid.
Me: Kaun laata hai?
Boy: Papa.
Me: Ein mein se sabse accha kaunsa lagta hai?
Boy: (picks one with the Spiderman) Yeh.
Me: Kitne ka hai?
Boy: Das rupya (10 Rs)
Me: Leke doon? (I take out the money and hand it to him)
Boy: (He separates the sticker from others and gleefully shows her sister before putting it into the security of his pocket)

Mulund station. Boy and girl get down to go home leaving me with a proud smile on my face.
I suddenly want to call up everyone I know and tell them what I did and how good I feel. Some may appreciate my gesture and some or most may criticize it. I don’t care. I feel good doing it and that is why I did it.


4 Responses to A good samaritan.

  1. Shruthi says:

    That was really a sweet thing to do. Though I don’t know whether he really would be allowed to keep it, the cheer on his face (and ofcourse the joy you felt on seeing that) is more than one could desire. What others say hardly matters when you believe in what you do…But still I couldn’t help appreciating 🙂

  2. Irah says:

    “you are cute!” 😀

    “I know.”

    Bah! 😀

    Imagining you beaming as you get into the train brings me a smile. Noble cause. Some of my nobleness-noblety-nobel prize…is rubbing off on you it seems 😛

    May you be granted with many such instances…to play good samaritan and to flex your literary muscles.

  3. meena says:

    That was a wonderful things to do.. it may not keep him fed for lng etc etc.. but it wud remind him that he is yet a kid and keep him smiling for days togather..

    now thats special idnt it?

  4. Ispaniola says:

    ¡Hey, usted el maravillosamente del escribe! ¡Deseo que podría
    escribir como eso! ¡El sorprender!

    In case you do not comprehend Spanish, the above means that you write beautifully and I pray I could write as amazingly as you.

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