Music v/s Rock

November 28, 2007

Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is irrefutably the most popular music these days with collegians, more importantly with engineering students. One of the greatest mysteries of our lives is that 70% of the kids, mainly boys, who take up engineering end up being hooked to rock music. I shall ponder on this conundrum later, right now, there is another thing that has occupied me for quite sometime now.

I once read somewhere that rockers are rebels without a cause. Come to think of it, I think I read it in JAM magazine only sometime back. From what I have seen about rockers, and I have seen more than my share of rockers to last me 9 lifetimes; these people are a handful, the one thing sets this species apart from all others is the “I-don’t-give-a-tiny-rat’s-ass’ attitude and believe me they work hard at not caring, at least about their hygiene and health. What with all the drugs and long dirty hair, I think that an average lifespan of a man who has been a rocker at any point in his life is 35 years.

However, I have also, to my dismay, observed that short temper seems to be a common trait among the rockers, which reaches its pivotal point if you ever disregard the rock music, including all its sub-genres. I may be off the point here but doesn’t this thing contradict their ‘I-don’t-give-a-tiny-rat’s-ass’ attitude? I mean, if you they don’t care about people then why does it bother them so much when people degrade “their” music? I mean, people are fools, right? No? I have seen some of the rockers fiercely defending their music to people who don’t really listen to it.

And god save you if you ever tell them that you like Pop music. First of all, in Rock ‘n’ Roll world that means Leprosy. You tell them you like pop; you will be ostracized and ridiculed. According to rockers, Rock is superior to all genres of music, another mystery of our lives. They cannot stand people who listen to something other than rock because if you don’t like rock then you don’t have enough brains to decipher the cryptic messages in the rock music lyrics.

I fail to see why rockers think rock is THE music. In the hopes of having a ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude they come off as snobby, snooty people who look down on everyone else. Not everyone wants to bang their heads till they get spondylitis.

I am more than sure that this article if read by any rocker will spark off a series of hate mails sent to me. But guess what, I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass!