When friends turn into classmates.

It’s hard to see someone you trust push you in the ditch when least expected. You are up there counting on the one person who will be the one to bring the axe down on you. It’s like they have turn into ‘mystique’ from X-men. A new appearence. A new person. All of sudden the friend has turned into a classmate.
It’s hard to believe they did it. It’s even harder to see them as friends anymore. A perfectly blossomed friendship is effectively ruined with no scope of damage control. All that was needed was one unfortunate moment to bring down a carefully built friendship of several months.
Friends who ditch unintentionally are worse than friends who are enemies in disguise.


2 Responses to When friends turn into classmates.

  1. Irah says:

    May be it will be best not to expect anything from anyone. That way, nothing can be disappointing and everyone will be happy…but you will be happiest!

  2. meena says:

    Friendship or companionship.. many of us get confused with both and end up hurt 🙂


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