An empty life.

An empty life gnawing at the self-confidence. Devil’s workshop in full swing. Eating away like a parasite. Loneliness hits like a hammer to the head at unexpected moments, springing up unsuspecting tears. An uncontrollable rage that does more harm to the mind and soul than to something external. A constant lump in the throat. Strange thoughts that sit heavy on the head. A craving to howl and bawl. An urge to hit that wall. A desire to hurt.
Feeling useless. Things go the other way. People turn their backs. An inner cry for help and when the help comes, inability to accept it.

An empty life. A wandering mind. The most dangerous thing.


2 Responses to An empty life.

  1. Irah says:

    i think you mean ‘gnawing’ when you say ‘knawing’

  2. meena says:


    We can write yards of stuff abt lonliness and yet can never describe it 😐

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