Lord Of The Sleeping Pills

I have finally found the strength and the will to start with the hefty book Lord Of The Rings. It would be a staggering understatement to say that the book is big. The book is HUGE and the fonts are equally miniscule. Nevertheless, the raving reviews of the movie and many ardent book-lover friends personally endorsing the book encouraged me to peruse it and led me to think that the book is revolutionary.

So, when a friend told me she had the book I borrowed it to fill up my empty life after the college ended. Yes, I am pathetic and I have no life. Anyways, like with all the books I have been waiting for eons to read but never got a chance to (because I couldn’t borrow it from anyone and I am too cheap to spend my precious money), I was jumping with joy at the sole prospect of finally reading the famous LOTR. I actually lugged the hefty book around with me on my last exam just so I could start with it on the way back home (it takes me 1 hour and 15 mins to reach home).

This was a week ago. Currently, I am done with most of the first volume of the book that has the word ‘trilogy’ on its cover but the foreword denies that it is one. However, this doesn’t matter much because trilogy or not, this book is tedious and boring to the core. I don’t get what the whole fuss is all about.

Almost the whole of the first volume describes a drudgery of a trek embarked upon by a group of hobbits all over the mountains and forests and what not. When the hobbits are not walking, they singing lame songs. A quarter of book so far seemed to be filled with songs for all the things. It almost feels like reading a Hindi movie.

However, the only saving grace in the book so far has been the whole magical story of the ring.

I am still in the process of reading the book and I will not abandon it no matter how many times it puts me to sleep. Now. I think, for the first time in the history of mankind the movie might be better than the book.

I shall keep updating my views on The Book……..


2 Responses to Lord Of The Sleeping Pills

  1. Shruthi says:

    Great! I’ll never ever think of laying my hands on this book now.
    And while you are at it, you surely need Lord Of The Coffee Beans 😛

  2. meena says:

    If u have watched the movie.. u will find book extremely boring.. coz u will compare i wid movie.. but book roxxx!

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