A Myth Busted.

A cold murder is depicted in the much acclaimed movie Johnny Gadaar, or so people (reliable sources) told me before I got to see it. Now, either I have the whole concept of cold murder wrong or I didn’t get the movie. The chances of being the latter are quite high.
Let me first get the concept of cold murder straight here before I delve into a whole self-opinionated ramble here. Cold murderer as far as my tiny brain cells can comprehend means a person who would kill someone like he is squashing a mosquito. I mean, with no feelings of regret or with no feelings at all. So, if we follow the aforementioned definition then do we not come to the conclusion that then a cold murder should be a murder committed by the aforementioned cold murderer?

*everybody nods vigorously in agreement*

So, to take this irrefutable point further, shouldn’t the movie’s protagonist (screen name: Vikram) in order to depict a cold murder, had not felt any kind of regret or fear after having committed those heinous crimes?

*everybody nods vigorously in agreement yet again* Yes! I thought so too.

But, didn’t Vikram, at several points of time in the whole course of the movie, express regret and did his face not show that he was terrified when confronted about his crimes by several of his companions?

*everybody nods, (of course vigorously)*

So, if the alleged cold murderer of the movie did feel all the emotions that a cold murderer is not supposed to then how did he commit cold murders in the movie?

Having put forward all my valid points, I would like conclude that there were NO cold murders in the movie Johnny Gadaar. *smiles contentedly*
*everybody applauds vigorously*


One Response to A Myth Busted.

  1. Irah says:

    LOL @ ppl nodding their heads.

    Tapan…tu bhaag le dost. Girlfriend ko leke bhaag, saamaan leke bhaag, kucch bhi kar magar bhaag. kyunki apun bhi woich kar rela hai.

    Ok! Not cold. But cool movie ain’t it?

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