Lesson from Leno

An excerpt from “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”:
Scene: Jay is interviewing Brandon Azziz who they allegedly call an Iraqi actor acting as a double of Osama Bin Laden in the tapes released by Al- Queada.
(I don’t remember most of the interview but the ending has been etched in my brain)

Jay: So, Brandon who gave you this idea to pretend to be the leader?
Brandon: Why? George W Bush, of course!!

Now I know most of you have a feeling where I am headed with this information. Yes, I am wondering if Shekhar Suman or any other host on any show had ever done this and said something even minutely degrading about Man Mohan Singh or better yet, about some BJP leader, what would have happened.

This is what would have happened: Shekhar Suman and the show writers would have been castrated. A curfew would have been called in whole of Maharashtra. The channel would have been banned forever.

I am pretty much certain this is exactly what would have happened. Most of the Indian politicians are a bunch of intolerant good-for-nothings. Yes, face it! We Indians have the lowest threshold for tolerance; the level drops even further down with politicians. Their levels of insecurity are sky high. They won’t get a joke if it bumped into them on the road and smacked them in the face.

And the root cause of all this is Unemployment!

Yes, since the unemployment rates in our country are higher than the Eiffel Towers people have nothing to do. So they resort to inventing problems out of thin air. Any comment on anyone is taken as an offence which is answered by a PIL. So much so, that all the “comedy” based shows and other mediums in our country have therefore now refrained from endorsing and expressing any opinions, good or bad, about anyone who is even remotely related to any politician or has strong political opinions, which has in turn ruined and degraded the element of humour in those shows.

Forget politics, now they can’t joke about anything lest someone would be offended. Humour writers have to live by certain rules in India and hence our comedy shows have lost their charm. I think it’s about time our writers went on a strike and gave the entertainment business a stroke here.


3 Responses to Lesson from Leno

  1. Shruthi says:

    And India is a democracy! These so called politicians are ever playing miscreants and spoilsports. They sure lack a sense of humour or for that matter even ‘sense’. People can’t even get a clue even when told that it is a ‘COMEDY’ show. They take it seriously (they can’t handle the truth). And what will they laugh at? Tragedies?
    Great lesson from Jay Leno. And a lesson from Mr. Bush too. (Can’t ignore this man’s sense & humour!)

  2. meena iyer says:

    I heard vajpayee saying.. its coz he is no longer the PM.. make advani the pm and see the difference

  3. mahesh says:

    The thing is, to be a politician in the US, a sense of humour is a must. The people over there hate a person who cannot laugh at himself. They are sort of anti-establishment by nature…so the people in office have to put up with a lot of criticism… I think in India, the whole respect your elders and all that have been carried a bit too far. It has come to a point where one cant even question any of the leaders becoz of their age…

    Anyways, tats my 2 cents worth… nice blog..

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