Isn’t it Ironic? Don’t you think?

Tamanna unveils the ultimate law of job hunt

The indisputable law of the job hunt is, “No one would revert until you get a job”. I am certain that anyone who has ever gone on a job hunt has without fail, experienced this.

It all starts with you, the prey, scrambling all over the place (virtual as well as otherwise) to look for that one perfect job that you would love and that would also give you some monetary benefits in return of your invaluable (in your humble, modest opinion) services. You will spend a fortune in calling your prospective employers or trying desperately to get in touch with these seemingly “busy bodies”. I say seemingly because you will find this microscopic group of other employers who will contact you soon enough! While others, after having given out a cry for help and announcing the vacancy in their organization on every site and in ever paper available on earth will never revert. Believe me, once you apply to these people, you will never hear from them again until one fine day when you do have a job.

If ever you are fortunate enough to actually see one of these people or even hear their honorable voice over the phone, they will have you understand in clear and vivid terms that they do not have time for a low-life as you. The only thing that escapes my tiny brain is why most of the people in upper echelons of any organization act so haughty and condescending when it comes to interacting with beginners and newcomers in the field. To me, they seem like bullies who feed on other people’s self-confidence to hide their insecurities.

Once you get a job, or even think of committing to a place, your phone starts ringing incessantly and your inbox is flooded with people calling for interviews. I think they have radar that detects newly employed people so that they can bait them before these unsuspecting preys take a plunge into any other offer.

Conclusion: “To get a job, you should always have a job” Ironic, eh?


2 Responses to Isn’t it Ironic? Don’t you think?

  1. hermit says:

    lol. I hereby, with due respect to its creator, rechristen this blog Peter Blogland- The Honest Blog.

    Love the sarcasm here, espeially ‘honourable voice’ !! Wow.

    And yea. the irony thing is true. Why else do you think they ask for current CTC etc when you go for a job? 😛

  2. Charu says:

    i always thought about this.. having goen through it myself.. what i would want to see is, dont recruit any new people , juniors or freshers or whoever, continue with the ppl u have…. lets see how the prganisation grows.. another point is that these so called seniors or experianced d**kheads have gone through the same process.. yet they want to make our lives miserable..

    sometimes they r nothing but a heap of owl droppings ! 😐

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