As the subtitle to my blog says, “When I am idle, I write” So, here I am writing away.

I have been grossly avoiding writing my blog since some months and in process have lost what miniscule amount of readers I had for my blog. Ironically, an ill-fated episode spurred me into getting back to blogging with a vengeance.

Since the time I met with that unfortunate incident where my trusty foot ditched me far away from my heavenly abode (read: Ulhasnagar) and left me to partake the ordeal of making it home with one able foot, I have been consigned to house arrest of the worst kind. Initially, I welcomed this leisure time after having dogged in college and at “work” and facing an extensive commute for 4 hours a day. However, the fun and frolic soon wore off and now I face those dreadful empty days after emptier days.

24 hours of nothingness times 10, hop, skip and jump to the loo, begging and bribing the younger sibling to get things done, several hours of radioactive rays barging in my eyes from our Sony TV and last but not the least, mastering my shooting and targeting skills on GTA San Andreas. This has been my life for the past 10 days. If this is not provocation enough for a girl to go bonkers and start churning out rubbish and flaunting it to the world at large then I don’t know what is.

Read my blog and judge for yourselves. Meanwhile, I would keep gobbling up the virtual space.


3 Responses to Provoked

  1. Satish says:

    Well, get well soon!

  2. Shel-Man says:


  3. Hermit says:


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