I want to……

  1. Raze all the Sify outlets everywhere in this country.
  2. Fashion an umbrella big enough to envelope the whole of Bombay (including the ill fated suburbs)
  3. Wear an astronaut silver jump suit to work.
  4. Ransack all Landmark, Crossword, Oxford outlets in this country.
  5. Send all our ministers back to school.
  6. Kill all the canines in this world, except pugs.
  7. Personally hunt down all the lizards on this earth and deep fry them in oil. Live!
  8. Set the BMC office ablaze (they are no use, then why waste space?)
  9. Ban news channels from airing “NEWS”.
  10. Make it mandatory for every child who is above the age of 6 to watch South Park everyday.

3 Responses to Wishlist

  1. Shel-Man says:

    This is one of my favourites! I agree. Except for the canine thing. Only rabid dogs should be put to sleep.

  2. Hermit says:

    ROFL. Cruella! LOL @ razing seefee!!!

  3. Rehan says:

    Why dags? X-(

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