The Job

Finally, after more than 2-month sabbatical, I have managed to find myself a decent paying job. Although it’s amazing to see how I can make myself even minutely useful to someone that they are actually willing to pay me for it, I have managed to also convince myself and others around me that I am capable of writing some print worthy material.

My first day at the job required me to write 3 articles, impromptu. Now, let me confess here that I have never written more than a 100-word article for a job. So considering how amateurish I write, I managed to churn out 3 “pretty good articles” as said by my senior, in half a day there. I was proud of myself; a warm feeling of satisfaction had filled up my insides that lasted until dawn the next day.

Writing has always made me feel better. No matter what rubbish I type down, at the end of this activity I am always left with a light-as-a-feather feel. For now I only wish fervently that these after effects keep continuing at the end of each of my writing session because I don’t know about any other job that I can do now which would leave me as satisfied as this does.

There is nothing better than doing something that makes you feel good and being paid for it.


2 Responses to The Job

  1. Hmm… nice one. Finally i read correct English by some one i know. Tommy, thanks a lot for reviving the English language!! I had forgotten it. Especially after reading the blog of Mr. Shreejish Nair 🙂

  2. Shruthi says:

    Ah! It is really wonderful to see someone getting her due. (And not to mention the creative satisfaction with one’s job.)
    Everything seems well with the world 😉

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