Zero Tolerance

A very recent trip to my family doctor gave way to a stunning revelation that in his words meant, “I have a low level of endurance”.

As true as this might be, I refuse to take this from a human being belonging to the male species. Men, of all the people living on this shrinking planet, know quack

about enduring pain. Men can’t even touch the sheer humongous amount of pain we have to go through in our lifetime with a 100-foot pole.

First of all, my every month is tainted with a couple of days of pure pain in its worst form and if on top of this I have to tolerate an extra bout of it, I am plainly not going to do it. I refuse to ruin my few precious days by holding in the anguish within me without so much as crying aloud and ranting about it. I don’t want anymore pain. Period. This whole scheme of unfair things in this universe doesn’t just end with “those days of the month”, no, we have more pain coming up for the ladies, childbirth.

It’s again us, lesser mortals, who have been picked to actually be a part of “The Miracle of Life”. Let me clarify something here, this lolly of “The Miracle of Life” doesn’t entice me. I do want a kid, but I don’t want to HAVE the kid. I want MY kid to be carried by someone else. That’s it. For once, guys should be able to bear the torture and let us live in much deserved peace.

Screw you guys, I am going home!


6 Responses to Zero Tolerance

  1. Manisha says:

    And besides those, we have to wax and and pluck and thread almost every inch of us, just so that we look good for them.. and they don’t even bother to shave more than once a week!

    Nice article Tam!

  2. devilsworkshop says:

    Exactly! I say it’s time to turn the tables!

  3. Prick says:

    Bright side of being a man… you don’t have to go through all that a woman goes through. Bright side of being a woman… if you decide you wanna have sex… you have sex.

  4. good post! I am with you, baby 🙂

    @ Prick – I think you should try bleeding and not crying, for at least a day! Try this first, then we’ll talk…

  5. krist0ph3r says:

    well…a guy’s life is also so much more boring and sad. you forgot that part. or maybe you’d never know unless you had to live as one for a while, probably more than a week or a month. imagine, 40 years of your life and all you’re expected to do is make money and stay out of the way. i guess you wouldn’t realise how valuable your eq and female friends are unless you were born without them.

    oh and having a baby isn’t just about the pain, just as much as living is not just about death. i wouldn’t go so far as to say that i’d rather have been born a woman, but the other side does have its merits.

  6. Harshad says:

    You get asked out, you have reservations for you everywhere, you don’t have to pay on a date, everyone is nicer towards you than towards men.

    Really ladies, did you think that was gonna be a free lunch?

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